First Aid Kit for Anglers – Review of the Surviveware Large Waterproof Kit

I seriously don’t even know where to begin. I am going to be completely honest – I never thought I would be excited about a first aid kit, but as someone who spends so much time outdoors and has had first aid and CPR training, this kit is beyond impressive.

It is apparent from the first unpackaging that people who really understand the outdoors, first aid, and the stress that can be involved with administering first aid, were integral in designing this.

Unlike many reviews on the internet, I actually have this product in hand and have fully taken it apart, messed with it, and learned the details of it. All the photos are ones that I have taken.

You may not notice it at first, but the entire kit pulls free from the storage bag so it can lay flat for easy access to everything. And take note of the labels – an appreciated addition when in the middle of a situation needing a first aid kit.

First Impressions of the Large Waterproof Kit

As consumers, we often make up our mind in just seconds. First impressions are important. When I took this kit from Surviveware out of the box the good vibes showed up.

The kit is solid, durable, and full of more first aid items than I thought possible. This is far from the kits of years past that included a bandage, wipe, and a little adhesive tape. 

While the actual label  includes the word “large.” Don’t let that be misleading in terms of space it requires to store. Whether you plan on putting this in a boat, backpack, RV, or car, or even your house – it will fit. 

Instead, think of the term “large” as referring to the vast amount of first aid products on the inside.

As you can see, the overall physical dimensions are quite compact – coming in at 9x7x4 inches.

First Aid can Be Stressful – This Kit Will Help Alleviate That Stress

I’ve been trained in CPR many times. That doesn’t mean I’m not anxious about what would happen if I actually needed to perform it. How many compressions? How fast?

No worries.

This kit has a pouch just for CPR and even includes both adult and infant instructions. Oh, and there is a face shield included. Nice.

Besides the CPR guide, there is a complete booklet included that covers most situations you may run across while enjoying the outdoors.

Coming from someone who stresses about remembering my first aid training, this singular feature is much appreciated.

A First Aid Kit With Thoughtful Design and Layout.

This first feature is something I think you will come to love the longer you own this kit. 

The back has a full hook-and-loop covering that allows the attached panel to be removed and then fastened to a variety of objects and places. The kit can then be reattached and be ready and out of the way. No looking for the kit in a panic if something happens.

This kit can mount just about anywhere. Here I attached it to a tree and with the hook-and-loop back, it will rip right off in seconds for quick access if needed.

The entire inside can also be pulled out and spread flat to make access to every compartment easy and quick. 

And the labels. Did I mention the labels?

A member of your group gets burned? The stuff for burns is grouped together. Minor or major wound? You now know where to look quickly. There is no rummaging around.

There is also a large, labeled personal pouch for things like your own medications. 

Another example of the thoughtful and useful contents of this kit.

A Multi-Tool Included

This was a very pleasant surprise upon first investigating this kit. 

This multi-tool is labeled on both sides and includes a variety of edges and useful features. 

For an angler, out on a boat, this would be handy for much more than just first aid.

Final Thoughts

I could go on and mention everything in the kit, but head to to really get a detailed list. 

My youngest son is an avid outdoors enthusiast. When he was home last, I noticed my kit missing. He put it with his equipment to get ready for his rock climbing adventure in Yosemite National Park! 

We had to have a little talk. 

Follow the link if you are interested in the Large Waterproof Kit from Surviveware.

Be safe out there and don’t forget to encourage someone today.

Steve Rogers

Steve spends his time filming and writing about bass fishing. You may even see him in your area. If so, stop and say "hi."

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