Who I Am

I have been so very fortunate to work in every aspect of the bass fishing industry. I first got into this by accident. I graduated from college in 1995 with a degree in Broadcast Communications. While still in college, my roommate and I started a production company. Shortly after graduation, we were lucky enough to combine our passions of bass fishing and television. 

Our show, Midwest Bass Fishin’ and Huntin’ Adventures, aired nationally for five years. Since that time, I have worked as a sales rep selling major outdoors brands, published over 800 articles on the outdoors, worked in the outdoors retail market, been involved with product development, and still travel the country working events for outdoors manufacturers.

Now, over two decades later, I am fortunate enough to continue work in the outdoors full-time creating digital content for a variety of companies, crank out my own YouTube fishing videos 2x per week as well as publish this blog. 

Why I do this

I am passionate about bass fishing and encouraging others. I have been able to do some amazing things in my life, even when the masses said it wasn’t possible. 

You can too! When your dreams align with hard work and a drive to never give up, anything can be accomplished. Never let anyone tell you something cannot be done. Each of you has special gifts and talents that need to be shared with the world. Go for it!

A Little More About Me

I live in northern Illinois with my wife of 26 years. We have two boys who are both in college. Our dog, Millie, now rules the house. 

Besides bass fishing, I love watching football, traveling to new places, eating pizza, and drinking a great cup of coffee. I also play the trumpet and guitar and my favorite holiday is Christmas.

What I can do for you

I want you to be successful on the water and improve every day. Bass fishing is a great sport that involves family, friends, and a chance to interact with nature. Any questions that you have, be sure to contact me and I will do my best to help. Email me at: steve@thebassfishinglife.com