Best Drop Shot Lure – See it Underwater

Drop shot fishing has been a staple for bass anglers for decades now. There have been many lures introduced and used, but one has stood out and made a name for itself among amateurs and pros alike.

The Baby Z Too is a drop shot lure made from Elaztech. It is buoyant and is effective whether sitting perfectly still or with some action imparted by the angler.

There are several key factors that make this lure a drop shot superstar.

The Baby Z Too and the Properties of Elaztech Plastic.

One of the biggest misconceptions bass anglers have is how they think their drop shot lures look in the water and what the lures are actually doing.

I didn’t even fully understand this until I started to film underwater and spend hundreds of hours filming all sorts of lures and presentations.

The Elaztech plastic is less dense and more buoyant than lures made from the traditional Plastisol. 

The below image is of a drop shot lure that is made from Plastisol and is sitting still.

If the angler adds action to the lure, and keeps it moving continuously, the lure still looks nice. 

But there are times, many times when all this action will actually turn the fish away. Especially if conditions are tough enough where a drop shot rig is needed. 

Keeping the lure motionless and letting the natural currents within the water column impart action on the bait is very effective.

Here is an image of the Baby Z Too sitting motionless rigged Texas style.

Elaztech Plastic is Durable

Bass fishing is getting expensive. 

Saving a few dollars wherever you can is a choice most anglers want to make. This lure is a huge money saver.

I can fish all day with the Baby Z Too on a drop shot rig and go through only one or two lures. Seriously. 

In fact, many years ago I did a television show on this lure’s predecessor and fished with it all day and never had to change lures. Not one time. That puts money right back into the angler’s pocket.

The Baby Z Too Product Line is Expanding its Color Options

The lure has been so popular that the color offerings for it are being expanded. 

At the 2022 ICAST Show Strike King Lure Company unveiled 4 new colors for the Baby Z Too lineup. In the past, most of the colors have been the traditional shad patterns.

These four upcoming colors will offer some darker, more natural tones that will fit well when used in northern fisheries, as well as all across the country. 

The new colors will include Green Pumpkin, Morning Dawn, Sour Pickle, and Siren. 

All the color options that are currently available will stay in the lineup giving anglers a range of choices when looking to match the hatch at their local fishery.

(Here is an article on catching bass on sunny days.)

Fish With Confidence Knowing This Lure is Always Working for You

There is never a moment when the Baby Z Too is not working for the angler. 

It can sit completely still and attract finicky bass that have been highly pressured and seen a thousand other lures. 

Most times, anglers impart too much action on the lures – especially when drop shot fishing. Whether you are straight vertical fishing this lure or casting it out and fishing the drop shot with a more horizontal presentation, it is presenting like it should 100% of the time with no added work needed from the angler.

There are not many lures on the market that can make that claim.

And that is why I feel it is the best drop shot lure on the market today. Hands down.

Keep your Elaztech Plastics and Traditional Plastics Separate

Soft plastic lures made from Elaztech and those made from Plastisol do not play well together when sitting in the same container. It won’t take long and you will have a gooey mess.

Keep your Elaztech lure in its original package when stored and you will have zero issues with the two types of materials mixing.

Have fun out there, good luck, and make sure to encourage someone today. You never know how you may change their life forever.

Isaiah 6:8

Steve Rogers

Steve spends his time filming and writing about bass fishing. You may even see him in your area. If so, stop and say "hi."

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