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KVD LFS Baitcaster MSRP $139.99

ModelBearingsWeight OzMono Cap.Braid Cap.Max DragGear RatioRPT
KVD1H9+17.2120/12120/5020 lbs6.2:125″
KVD1HL9+17.2120/12120/5020 lbs6.2:125″
KVD1SH9+17.2120/12120/5020 lbs7.5:131″
KVD1SHL9+17.2120/12120/5020 lbs7.5:131″
KVD1XH9+17.2120/12120/5020 lbs8.3:135″
KVD1XHL9+17.2120/12120/5020 lbs8.3:135″

KVD Spinning MSRP $89.99

ModelBearingsWeight OzMono Cap.Braid Cap.Gear RatioRPT

Power Rating Definition: The Stiffness or Amount of Backbone in the Rod

Power Rating: UL = Ultra Light | L = Light | ML = Medium Light | M = Medium | MH = Medium Heavy | H = Heavy | XH = Xtra Heavy

Action Definition: How Quickly the Tip/Taper of the Rod Gets to the Backbone

Action Rating: XF = Xtra Fast | F = Fast | MF = Moderately Fast | M = Moderate

Graphite Casting MSRP $99.99

StyleModelPowerActionLengthLine RatingLure Rating
All Purpose ReactionLKVDGC3MF7′10-203/16-1/2
All Purpose ReactionLKVDGC4MHF7′10-301/4-2
Spinnerbait/Swim Jig/TopwaterLKVDGC6MHXF7’2″15-301/2-2
FB Jig/Car Rig/Big SpinnerbaitLKVDGC8HXF7’6″15-301/2-1 1/2
Flipping PitchingLKVDGC10HXF7’10”15-301/2-1 1/2

Graphite Spinning MSRP $99.99

StyleModelPowerActionLengthLine RatingLure Rating
Drop Shot/Finesse DockLKVDGS1MXF6’10”6-141/4-1/2
Drop Shot/Ned RigLKVDGS2MLXF7′6-141/8-3/8
All Purpose FinesseLKVDGS3MXF7′8-201/4-3/4
All Purpose/Dock RodLKVDGS4MLXF7’2″6-141/8-3/8
Shakey Head/TubeLKVDGS5MXF7’2″8-201/4-3/4
Smallmouth SpecialLKVDGS6MXF7’4″8-201/4-3/4
Smallmouth SpecialLKVDGS7MLXF7’6″6-141/8-3/8

Composite Crankbait Casting MSRP $99.99

StyleModelPowerActionLengthLine RatingLure Rating
Small CrankbaitsLKVDCC1MLM6’8″8-121/4-5/16
Squarebill/ Red Eye ShadLKVDCC2MM7′10-171/4-3/8
Accuracy Bladed Jig/KVD 2.5LKVDCC3MHM7’1″12-201/4-1/2
Medium CrankbaitsLKVDCC4MHM7’4″12-201/4-1/2
Open Water Bladed Jig/KVD 2.5LKVDCC5HM7’4″12-301/4-2
Medium to Deep CrankbaitsLKVDCC6MM7’10”10-171/4-3/8